Our Mission: Percussion Farms works to undo racism and other oppressions that prevent access to nutrition and healthy spaces for People of Color.

A little about us.

Shanelle Donaldson, Co-Founder and Board member, Percussion Farms

Shanelle Donaldson West is an urban farmer, food preservationist, and food justice advocate focused on healthy relationships to land, power and community. From working with toddlers growing gardens to connecting locally sourced food to people experiencing homelessness, Shanelle has supported more than one thousand King County residents over the last decade. She expanded her nutrition education to include food preservation classes as a method of self-care and extending the harvest. Most recently, she co-founded Percussion Farms to reconnect people of color to the land and their right to healthy lives. Shanelle is a proud alumna of the Black and Latinx Farm Immersion Class at Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, New York. When she’s not farming, Shanelle can be found reading, cooking with her husband, Mike, playing board games, or most likely staring at her sweet dog, Koda.

Molly Brashear, Co-Founder and Board member, Percussion Farms

Molly Brashear has spent the last sixteen years cultivating a career in risk management as a commercial insurance broker. She and Shanelle met in 2013 and a few years later Shanelle asked Molly if she’d be willing to change everything and start life as a farmer. Although a major shift in vocation, the vision of harvesting food as a means of creating an environment of healing, opportunity and connection was a seamless interpersonal transition. Molly is now honored to be a part of Percussion Farms and is dedicated to advancing the farm’s mission. In her spare time she volunteers to practice mindfulness and non-violent communication techniques with people who are incarcerated and advocates for the abolition of the prison industrial complex. Molly is also a self described crossword fanatic, a lover of the arts, and enjoys meditation.