Fresh Beets – April 12, 2018


Well, here it is, our very first newsletter! Every week, we will use this space to give you updates about what we’re growing, ways you can contribute, seasonal recipes, and volunteer opportunities. Our first update is a doozy: our application for non profit status was accepted. That’s right, we are officially a non profit!

Spring is finally here and we’re excited to start growing some amazing food during our first growing season.  We will be doing this at our two locations, one in Seattle, and one in Auburn.

We’ve accomplished so much, but there is still a lot of work to do! Here’s what we’re working on this month:

  • Planting seedlings indoors
  • Planting potatoes outdoors
  • Designing and building fences for both locations
  • Building a shed
Auburn location just waiting for a new fence!

First Annual JAMboree!

We are still totally overwhelmed and lifted up by the support we received last month at our JAMboree. Your donations and auction participation helped us raise $2800 for the growing season!

Thank you to Matt and Mason at Tim’s Tavern for offering the space, suggesting an art auction, and finding the bands for us. You guys rock! Thank you to Roselit BonePlanetTelex, and Radical Hearts for playing great music and championing our farm.

Huge thank you to the amazing artists who donated their art: Lexi Lee, Lashanna Williams, Amanda Perry, Gillian Levine, Katie Blackstock, Dustin McMahon, Audra Mulkern, Shana Cleveland, Dianne West, and Chris Pavlik. Your art accounted for $1475 of the total raised!

Gratitude to Mike West, Brandon Feist, Jennifer Thompson, and Tyler Nguyen for help setting up, collecting money, taking photos, and keeping drinks in our hands.

And a special shout out to Reagen Price for being the baddest MC in the land. Thank you for being there for us in such a big way. We think your public shaming helped us raise much more than expected!

And last but not least, thanks to all of you who showed up and emptied your wallets! We wouldn’t be here without all of you.

Percussion Farms Jamboree at Tim's Tavern (6 of 6)


Molly and Shanelle thanking folks at the JAMboree

Wish List

Many of you have asked how you can help besides donating money. So we created an Amazon wish list of items that we need to help keep the farm running. We totally understand if you are not comfortable using Amazon, but you can still use the list to see what we need. Our address is already set up on the page, so your donations will be sent directly to us. You can check out our list here.

We are Percussion Farms, an urban farm in Central Seattle and Auburn whose mission is to reconnect People of Color to the land and help them harvest their right to healthy lives. We do this by providing gardening and food preservation classes, employment and volunteer programs for people leaving the prison system, and growing and giving healthy food to the community.

As our political landscape continues to change, we have strengthened our commitment and urgency to create spaces to aid in the survival and healing of People of Color. We will now need to work even harder to create and depend on our own food sources and cut ties to institutionalized racism in every way possible.

Our revolution will be fought with dirt on our hands, seeds in our pockets and you by our side.